JRS Architect, P.C.

Corporate Project Spotlight: Nuvem / 340Basics

Nuvem / 340 Basics partnered with JRS to expand their office by providing an executive suite in an adjacent tenant space. 

A logo wall creates the backdrop for guests as they enter the newly expanded office.  A soft color pallet is found in the lobby, which is accented by the logo colors of blue and green. The entrance also boasts of a unique ceiling sound proofing material that creates a visually interesting focal point while providing acoustical benefits.

The newly expanded office offers guests an open sitting area inclusive of a coffee bar. This space not only welcomes clients, but also provides a collaborative meeting space for employees. Executive offices, a conference room, open workstations, and small pantry were also included in the program.

Nuvem’s existing space was transformed to not only include workspaces but also an employee lounge area with a pantry, break room/game room and private phone booths for employees’ privacy. The break room now features a Ping-Pong table and high-top tables with stools and lounge chairs.  

Creating a culture for office camaraderie, the new design combines the dynamic of business and comfort all in one space.