Local 713 I.B.O.T.U

Local 713 I.B.O.T.U

This building saw a complete renovation including a new façade to become Local 713 I.B.O.T.U.’s new headquarters. JRS design included capturing as much natural light into the interior via skylights and interior windows with gradation, clear to opaque, from the perimeter offices. The open work area boasts of a unique and efficient tile grid lighting system that offers even lighting. All furniture and artwork were selected by JRS. Using a cost-effective panel system for the façade, the building now has a refreshed street presence with a well-defined entrance. Other design elements include a hands-free front door, temperature scanner and MERV 13 filtration system in response to COVID-19.

Project Name:

Interior Renovation


Carle Place, New York


5,000 sq ft