JRS Architect, P.C.

Announcements 2022 Industry Leaders: John R. Sorrenti, JRS Architect, P.C.

John, Founder and President, has gained national and international recognition in numerous professional organizations for his leadership in the field of architecture. See NYREJ’s full Q+A below;

What leadership role outside of the workplace is most rewarding to you?
Being elevated to chancellor of the College of Fellows for the American Institute of Architects. This was important to me because out of the 110,000 architects in the AIA in the U.S., only 3,500 have been elevated to the college, so in essence, it represents the cream of the crop. It was important that I upheld the highest level of leadership among this illustrious group of individuals.

What advice would you give the next generation of leaders in your industry?
Do not treat your career as a job, but as part of your life. Get involved with professional organizations and your community to become better educated and known throughout the industry. Look to strive to see how you can move the profession forward as the world changes. That kind of leadership will help those in communities with which you are not even acquainted.

What is your management style?
I have made it a practice to make myself available to all employees, help them grow, and encourage them to reach their full potential. It is important to have a workplace mentoring program for the younger staff members, demonstrate how to work as a team and help them manage their career path. I try to instill upon them the importance of making sure our clients are confident in our abilities and to have a good understanding of how our profession works.